Dan Napier’s Opinion:

The following are brands and sources for computer software and hardware that I have found to be useful. The costs vary, but I have found them to be the best value. Tomorrow somebody may have a better solution and these recommendations are my opinion. If you find some better stuff out there let me know. I like equipment that is reliable and that will work with other equipment. I think that it is important that software is open and that it supports many operating systems.

Recommends the following software:


Wordprocessor: Wordperfect

Book Keeping: Quick Books That said the very best is a program that you wrote in C.

AntiVirus: Sophos

Web Browser:* Mozilla

Web Page Design:* SeaMonkey

Advanced Web: Adobe Photoshop Only if you are a real masochist, this sutff is really difficult, stick with SeaMonkey or just use Wordperfect and export to HTML.
Email Server Communigate. It comes with an excellent WEB Client or it can be used with Microsoft Outlook

Recommended hardware:


Firewall Software: InJoy

Firewall Hardware: Cisco

Desktop: Lenovo

Server: Lenovo Available with Linux

GPS Garmin

Telephone Cisco There are other VOIP solutions out there, but Cisco offers the most secure and most flexible systems. They are whatever you want them to be, but they are not plug and play.

Recommended computer hardware and software sources: 


Any Hardware CDW (866) 437-4506 Phil Mercier

I know this is a sole source, but with the advantage of the fact that Phil is a good guy, I do not feel bad about sole sourcing.  By the way you order today and get it tomorrow!  Usually for just UPS Ground Shipping Costs!

In my opinion the only systems to run with direct access to the world wide web are Linux, Apple, Unix or any IBM OS.

* This is free and will run on any platform.

Linux, Apple, IBM, Lenovo, Unix, CDW, Corel, Wordperfect, Garmin, Cisco and Injoy, Adobe, Outlook, Microsoft and OS2/ Ecom Station are trademark names and belong to the owners of those trademarks, certainly not to us. We were not compensated for the above recommendations, and we will not accept anything either.  But a nice lunch would be OK.

September 3, 2010  © Dan Napier