There are several List Servers located here. They are all private and not for public use. If you are an AHIA Committee member of either the Law Committee or the Biological Monitoring Committee, A  Board Certified Industrial Hygienist, then this page is for you.  You may just be an interested person, in that case the ihnews is for you, (job listings and information about the Industrial Hygiene Community).

To join a discussion group do the following:

AIHA Biological Monitoring Committee
send an empty e-mail to you will need to be approved to get on the list server, then you can send and receive email from other committee members.

AIHA Law Committee
send an empty e-mail to you will need to be approved to get on the list server, then you can send and receive email from other committee members.

Certified Industrial Hygienist
send an empty e-mail to *

Southern California Safety & Health Professionals
send an empty e-mail to you will be sent email that is about local news, and you will not be able to send messages to the list server or answer any email the listserver.

Your subscription will be approved within the next several days, if you qualify for admission to the list server. You will get an email that you must respond to, if you do not answer the email your subscription will be dropped.

If your Email bounces three consecutive times the server automatically drops you. If you change your email address, be polite and unsubscribe the old email and start over with your new email.

Do not attach large items to email, it is not polite. If you send an attachment please send an adobe acrobat attachment. PDF file. Word files are easy picking for a virus and should be avoided. If you send a virus, the message and the virus will both be summarily executed, discarded and dipped in toxic solvent. In short they will never be seen again. Anyone abusing the list server will be removed without comment.

Refrain from sending short messages, such as “Yeah” “Me Too” . On a Listserver silence is assent. Keep your messages short and polite, even though the person you are ‘Flaming’ is a jerk and needs to get pulled up short.

* CIH's you will need to send a copy of your current Certificate to Dan Napier, CIH, 111 N. Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 355, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-6850 for approval. Or call 310-644-1924 X 103. You will need to formally agree to the discussion rules .

Your Subscription mode is automatically set to FEED, however you can change the mode at any time to :


    In this mode, the subscriber receives list messages as they are posted.


    In this mode, the subscriber periodically receives digest messages. A digest message starts with the Table Of Content - the list of the messages posted, followed by the posted messages themselves.


    In this mode, the subscriber periodically receives index messages. An index message is the same as the digest Table Of Content, but it does not contain the posted messages themselves. INDEX subscribers can see if they are interested in any posted messages, and use the Web interface to read those messages in the mailing list archive.

If you want to leave the listserver or if you change your email address, please unsubscribe from your OLD Email and subscribe from your NEW Email address. Just send an empty email, that is the text part of the email should be blank, no one will read it anyway. Do not just send an email to the listserver saying something like “ Please unsubscribe me” or “Please take me off the listserver”. You will look foolish and the computer will not notice, but everyone on the list server will know that you cannot read or comprehend simple English. The old saw “It is better to be though of as Fool than to open your mouth and prove yourself to be one.” applies here. Every message has a footer that allows you to unsubscribe at any time, just click on the unsubscribe link.  Please do not send an emai saying "I want off this listserver"  because nobody will see it and you will look foolish if anybody sees it, just unsubscribe!  You will never get any offers to enlarge body parts or share in fantastice amounts of money from these listservers, but bad people do try to forge email that looks like it came from the listserver--It does not and can not come from here.

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